Instagram Shout Outs (Influencer Marketing)

An introduction into using Shout Outs with Instagram

In case you didn’t know, Instagram is a fantastic visual social media channel. Over 4.2 billion posts get liked, and over 95 million pictures are shared in just less than 24 hours. From these numbers, it is evident that this platform offers a quite significant opportunity for businesses to tell their story and share their message.

Shoutouts are one of the most efficient way of getting your brand noticed by users who are interested in what you are offering. By sharing your content with influencers, (people with large followers), you are giving their followers a chance to connect with your brand.

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Shout outs are easy and powerful. However, if you want to ensure that you market yourself effectively, first you need to make sure that you stand out. To help make your brand stand out, consider the following three golden rules:

Create Desirable Content
If your ultimate aim is to find new followers, first you need to come up with a page that users want to follow. Instagram users prefer feeds with visually appealing and interesting content. Even though your ultimate goal is to market, Instagram is not a place for a hard pitch. Rather you will want to come up with feeds full of images that correctly captures your brand culture. This is an opportunity for you to build a lasting relationship with potential clients. You could frame the product line in an artistic way or keep it simple.

Find a Brand Ambassador (or Influencer)
Once your page is set up, (remember to include a profile, link to your website and a profile image), you are ready to get some exposure. Normally brands and businesses establish themselves on Instagram first before they start looking for shoutouts. When looking for an influencer, the brands will search for one with whom their customers follow then they manually reach out to the influencer to find out if he/she would be interested in promoting their business. Look for influencers who promote the kind of lifestyle your brand represents.

Engage Your Users
Getting a few shoutouts implies that you have gained some following on your page. When your message is fresh in the user’s mind, they get enthusiastic and look forward to interacting with you. To make the most out of this, it is essential to keep the users engaged. Perhaps one of the ways to do this is by sharing their content or watching out for related hashtags. If someone has posted a photo in which he/she is using your product, showcase it on your page. Making followers part of the brand helps in building a reciprocal relationship. Also, respond to posted comments and questions, this will show the followers that their efforts are valued.
If you are just getting started with Instagram marketing, all you need are three things, good content, real people and engagement and you are set!

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Build your Brand with Instagram


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